40/40 Candy Jar
50's Bar Stools
50's Diner Backdrop
50's Diner Highboy
50's Diner Table
50's Memorabilia
50's Signage

50's Signage


50's Sock Hop Setup
50's Square Silver Highboy
57 T-Bird Flat Hand Painted
Aluminum Easel
Candy Cane Jar
Dance Floor

Dance Floor


Diner Banquet
Drinking Glasses
Elvis Portrait
Family Candy Jar
Gold Mailbox

Gold Mailbox


Grandma's Candy Jar
Gummy Candy Jar
Hard Candy Jar
Ice Cream Glasses
Ice Cream Social Bar
Jaw Breaker Candy Jar
Ketchup & Mustard Dispensers
Large Ice Cream Float Cutouts
Life Size Elvis
Lollipop Candy Jar
Milkshake Cups
Mylar Curtain
Napkin Dispenser
Over Sized Album Covers
Pie Holder

Pie Holder


Pop's Snack Shack
Red Leather Double Bench
Red Leather Long Bench
Red Leather Single Bench
Root Beer Keg
Salt & Pepper Shakers
Salt Water Taffy Jar
Straw Dispenser
The Diner Backdrop
Typical Candy Jar
Vintage AM/FM Radio
Vintage Mints and Candy Jar
Vintage Television
Vintage Wood Panel Phone Booth
Wurlitzer Juke Box
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